Mini Meet

Well if you have been reading for a long time then you might remember that last year Veronica was in Ballet and Tap class. This year however she is in gymnastics. We gave her the choice, she’s allowed to do 2 things after school and she wasn’t about to give up piano. So we are in piano and gymnastics.

Well today is her first mini meet at gymnastics. I’m not real sure what happens at a mini meet, but I know she will get to “perform” on all of the things they have at the school. I believe everyone comes away with a ribbon.

Here is where my heart gets confused. I love ballet! I think it teaches girls how to be a lady, how to be graceful, discipline and tons of other things. What I like about gymnastics is the rewards she gets. They have a sticker chart and every time she master something she gets a sticker. So she is getting positive feedback and such. They also have slumber parties and these mini meets.

I just can’t help but feel like I would rather her be in dance. I know it’s her life, and I know she needs to do what makes her happy. I will support her in which ever adventure she wants to try. We all agreed that she is going to try it out this year and then this summer we are going to decide if we stick with gymnastics or go back to dance. I just like being a dance mom. Maybe I need to change my own rule and let her do 3 things after school 🙂

Then again I could be an Olympic mom! 🙂

One thought on “Mini Meet

  1. Problem with this vision of yours…. she is already taller than almost every one of those girls in that picture….. Not saying we couldn’t have a freakishly tall olympian, just saying it’s not normal 🙂

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