The wonders of Mondern Medicine!

Well I had my doctor’s appointment today and he gave me 3 prescriptions:


Here’s hoping that soon I am:


Now let me be honest. I don’t plan for this to be a trying to conceive blog. My husband and I have both agreed that we will take the pills for 6 months. If it hasn’t happened in 6 months we might think of doing it for another 6 months. We aren’t going to stress out about this, we aren’t going to pick out baby names.

My body just no longer does something that it needs to do for having a child to be possible, so we are helping my body do it.  We both feel very strongly that if it hasn’t happened in a year that we will love the two beautiful children we have and be happy.

The zoloft…well let me say that I have been on it before.  It helped me before and I got off of it for about 5 years.  I’ve gone backwards…I can’t get myself out of it and I know when I need help.  So before things get too bad I’m seeking help.

I’m not ashamed, I know once I get back on the right track I will be able to go off of them again.  So here’s to a few months of a wild and crazy and emotional roller coaster!

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