Sunday Shorts

1. This has been a wonderful weekend.

2. We got all the stuff for little flower sprite and princess to go the Ren Fest the year, yesterday. I they are going to be just as cute as ever.

3. Today was a get stuff done/relax day. I’m not sure how, but we managed to do just that.

4. I finally got to try my recipe for homemade cinnamon bread. It’s yummy!! However, there is just one thing I will do differently next time, but it’s not a big deal. It doesn’t taste cinnamony enough for me. Don’t worry there will be a post about it later.

5. Hubster spent yesterday rearranging the house! The girls now sleep in the same room and have a play room. It looks awesome, but I’m not sure how the sharing is going to go. We’ll see.

6. I went up to my classroom for a little bit today and have everything ready for the week, that’s an awesome feeling.

7. I went to wal-mart with no cell phone and no watch….it’s pretty sad how lost that made me feel. Maybe I need to make myself do that more often.

8. I was able to take a nap today! I think we have managed to find the perfect balance of work and rest…I just wish we could do this more often.

9. We took the babies bottles away from her at bedtime last night. She really did ok with it. That was the last little sign that she was still a baby….she’s growing up so fast!

10. It’s going to be an awesome week, I know that because I have decided it will be!!

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