I’m Confused!

Ok so while doing some internet surfing I learned something:


Vanilla Beans

Plus this:


Let sit for a few months, shaking the bottles once a week and you get:

Vanilla extract

Now I have a few questions about this process:

1. Why I am just now learning this?

2. Where does the alcohol go, it doesn’t cook out?

3. I wish there was a way to get by with doing this in my classroom, what a crazy thing for them to see and discover.

Oh and interwebz you better believe I’m going to be shopping vodka today while I’m out!

2 thoughts on “I’m Confused!

  1. WHAT, Aunt Mary and your mom didn’t teach you..I think it like 8.25% alcohol and that for the ones with low alcohol in them.So if you are having a bad day and baking,and really need a drink, just take a swig of extract. 🙂 Alcohol cooks out when you cook it.

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