Dear Santa,

I know I told my daughter that you didn’t exist and I know that she went off and told her entire kindergarten class! However it has been a year since that huge mistake and I have grown a lot in that year.

So I would like to send you my Christmas list. I’m sure once you check your list twice you will see that I have been very nice. I’m also sending this list early because, well I’m sure you will want some time to see me when I’m sleeping and know when I’m awake.  So you can know if I’ve been bad or good, but for goodness sake I have been good.

First thing on my list is this awesome book, I would like it because it will help me to spend some quality time with my daughters.

Then there is this apron. It’s totally cute, and my daughters already have cupcake aprons. So we could match when we bake together.

Also what I saw of this show was amazing!! Sadly I wasn’t able to finish it because we canceled our cable. I would love the chance to finish it, and re-watch it and re-watch it.

Also there are some wonderful pictures I took at Arkansas that I would love to have blown up and put in a custom frame, you know the big pretty frames like they put paintings in.

One such photo is

There are many other things that I would like to have, like my own personal ipad, an awesome camera so that I can finally return the one I borrowed; however this list is full of things that I will probably never take the time and stop and buy for myself. They are things that I always think in the back of my head, it’d be awesome to have, but we need this instead. So that’s why I send this list to you dear Santa. Basically because I know they are things that are important to me, but that I will probably go without for a very long time, because as a mom and a wife I know that there are other things that are more important.

Also Santa, while I have your attention (and to prove I’m not completely selfish), Hubster would love a collection of ties. He wants to start wearing them at work, but just has crappy ones. So if you have an sewing elves that could make some funny ones, and some serous ones I would appreciate it, all school appropriate of course.

A believer for life…..

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