Joy and Frustration

Joy~ I have a couple of joys this week. The first is that hubster and I got all of our clothes folded and put away. It never takes very long once we sit down and do it, but we sure do hate to do it.

My second Joy is that I’m not as mad at Netflix anymore. No I still don’t have my House Season 6. I do however have EVERY SINGLE EPISODE of The Universe. I just love that show. Though it makes me sad that I don’t have the math brain to be an astronomer. One day I will make it here to get to look up at the stars.

My third joy is that my kids seem to be getting lots of sleep and it’s making for wonderful moods in my house. Happy family = Happy mommy.

Frustration I have a small pile on my desk at work! I don’t like piles on my desk. I don’t like leaving something undone on my to-do list at work. I stayed late at work yeserday and worked on everything. So I have a lot less to complete, but I still have a problem leaving anything undone.

Happy Danielle

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