Go! Fight! Win!

Well last night we went to our first home football game. My family and I are supporters of the team and the band, we make an attempt to go to every home game. I mean it’s free entertainment (since we work at the school) and the kids love to watch all the people.

I will be honest, with the hundreds of football games I have attended, I still don’t know exactly how to play or the rules of the game. However, I still go. I go for the screaming. I go for the marching band. I go for the bass drums. I go for the smell of greasy nachos and ice cold coke. I go for the family and friends cheering on their children as they achieve success.

So for me it’s not about the game, it’s about everything else.

My girls are all fired up about going to the game.

**I know the pictures aren’t the best, I did that on purpose. I tried really hard for there to not be any identifying marks**

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