You stole my happy…

I know we have been together just a short time, but I trusted you. I gave up a lot for you. I got out of my comfort zone for you and while we were happy for a while, you have hurt me.

What you did was wrong, you lied to me!! You got my hopes up and then let me down like it was nothing. I know patience is something I need to work on, trust me I have been working on it for 30ish years. I’m not sure it is something I will ever learn.

I rushed for you and then you sent me Slumdog Millionaire and When in Rome instead of House Season 6 like my que told me I should have gotten. I was excited to get my next season of House, do you know how long I have been without it? When I mailed my movies back you said House was available now, when I checked this afternoon you said “very long wait”. So netflix I ask you, which is the truth!!

What makes this even worse is that even if we did have the spare money for me to buy Season 6 of House, my loving Hubster wouldn’t let me because it’s in the que.

Netflix, I’m afraid you are in the doghouse to me, until I get my House Season 6!!

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