Saturday Shorts

This weekend’s edition of the shorts are on saturday because I’m going out of town tomorrow.

1. This weekend is turning out to be pretty awesome!

2. Hubster has seen to it that my “baking urge” is taken care of today. He asked me to make some muffins, and cinnamon bread on monday, and I just found a recipe I want to try. Don’t worry there will be pictures.

3. Taking my sister-in-law and her husband to my home town tomorrow. I hope they have a good time.

4. We have hit over 200 posts on the blog!!! WooHooo!!

5. Hubster and Danielle made breakfast while I took pictures….I told them they were making an awesome wordless wednesday 🙂

6. I have a busy day running errands to make this weekend perfect. I’m one of those strange people that LOVE running errands.

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