warning…this is going to be way too much information and gross and very personal I advise some of you to turn away and just wait for my next post to read.

You have been warned!

Well on Monday I got my period and it came in like a tidal wave. Something that has only happened to me once before and that was after giving birth. Since I knew I didn’t just give birth, I knew something else had to be wrong. I mean we are talking about having to shower every hour because of how bad it was. Luckily I live right by where I teach so I could easily sneak home on my conference time and shower.

So cycle day 1, I was thinking “well this is odd and freaking annoying”, but I dealt with (us ladies always deal with it). The night sucked worse, there was no sleeping for me. The next day was equally bad. When I found myself trying to figure out how to sneak home an hour after school started, I began thinking that something was wrong.

So once I got my student set up in the science lab I went to the front office and asked them to find me a sub. Lucky for me they were able to and about 30 minutes later I was sitting at home on the phone with the doctor.

Well let’s fast forward to the doctor’s office. He takes a look at my cycles, we talk about everything that has been going on and he says: That it seems I didn’t ovulate (I kinda knew that one), that my ovaries are making cysts, causing my hormones to go all crazy and the massive bleeding.

He believes I have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

Reading about it and listening to him, I believe him. Of course he didn’t do an exam, I wouldn’t want to clean up that mess. However I am taking some hormone pills that are supposed to stop all the bleeding and stop the production of cysts and I go back to him next week. He said if this didn’t stop the bleeding then I would have to go in for day surgery and have a d&c, which basically just means they will have to clean out my uterus.

So the big question for the doctor is what about a 3rd child. I told him I have 2 so I know it’s possible and that everything works. He said that it might take putting me on birth control so I can get my ovaries working the correct way again, but that it should be possible, we just have to deal with this other problem first.

Hubster and I are firm believers that if we need medicine and doctors to help us get pregnant then it’s because we weren’t really meant to have the baby. So if it takes a bunch of chemicals and shots and pills; we won’t be having another child. I find myself not very sad about all of this. I’m just sort of in the mode of “let’s get this dealt with find out what it truly is and then we can move on”. If any of you know me in real life you know that I NEVER deal with things that calmly. So right now I’m pretty proud of myself.

So I’m going to keep taking the pills he gave me to get this under control, and then I will see my doctor and see if we can figure out what all this really is that’s going on.

I’ll keep you guys posted!

3 thoughts on “POS PCOS!!

  1. If you get your cycle straight you shouldn’t have to take pills to get pregnant. It may take a year on the BC to do it but if it’s meant to be then it’s meant to be. Don’t stress trust in God…

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