What does it all mean??

Well if you looked at the pictures from Wordless Wednesday you noticed that I was in a baking mood this weekend.

I started out by taking the easy route; a funfetti cake mix. Let’s be honest, we all know that’s the quickest way to get rid of the “baking bug”. However for the first time, that didn’t do it for me. I had the cupcakes ready for the oven before the oven had preheated. Sure Danielle enjoyed it and had fun, but it didn’t get rid of the urge to bake for me.

So I went to one of my favorite websites. I needed to find a recipe that could challenge my skills and make my taste buds explode.

While looking at the recipe index, I found a new recipe for banana bread. It was very simple, but honestly I felt let down. I’m Texan and banana bread has pecans (pa-cons not pee-cans), this one however didn’t. I didn’t add any because I wanted to give her recipe a chance. Well I didn’t like it. So I’m still hunting something to bake. I’m thinking of trying this recipe for cinnamon bread.

I’m just wondering what does it mean that this baking isn’t doing it for me. I am finally growing into a baker? My aunt Mary was ALWAYS baking, and still has the greatest knowledge of cooking recipes of anyone I know. She’s my go-to person when I need cooking help. I find myself wanting to try new things in the kitchen, wanting to step out of my comfort zone.

Maybe this is part of being 30-ish. 🙂

One thought on “What does it all mean??

  1. It’s your Aunt Mary gene coming out :). Try the sock-it-to-me cake in the book, it’s cinnamon, pound cakeish but add a few more pecans and more cinnamon to the crumble.

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