Sunday Shorts

1. Well it’s the first sunday before a full week of school. I’ve done my best to relax, have fun, and still get stuff done. I’m afraid to say it didn’t work out so well. So my new goal and is enjoy sunday evenings more.

2. Hubster is outside putting together a present he got from the grill fairy. He’s so excited, and made sure to remind me that he was going to need a lot of practice on it.

3. We had to go pick up Veronica from her cousins’ house this morning…so we loaded up the car and went and had a picnic and fed the ducks. I love to go feeding ducks.

4. Something’s different, something’s change. We’ve all noticed, thank you to whomever or whatever brought you back to us. I wish I knew how to keep you from changing back.

5. I’m excited about next weekend!!

6. My house as been hit with the tired and grumpy stick! I think everyone needs to go to bed early tonight!

D was just walking up to the ducks and throwing whole slices of bread at them.

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