What a Week!

The weekend couldn’t get here soon enough! I have to say I missed blogging, but with school starting I just couldn’t find the time, and I didn’t have the brain power to even think about what to write.

We survived the first days of school, even with people showing up and not knowing who their homeroom teachers were. We have schedule changes, team names changes, class changes, but I think by Friday everything was running the way it needed to.

Veronica wasn’t taking to 1st grade as quickly as she took to kindergarten. She came home the first 3 days crying about her teacher, her class, and how now all she got to do was work. I couldn’t help but laugh at her because she’s always saying how much she just wants to be an adult.

Gymnastics and piano are going well. Twice a week for gymnastics might prove to be too much on some weeks, but we live next door to the gym so we are able to make it work.

I have to share with you one really bad morning we had this week, because it’s very funny. Hubster and I was running around making sure we were dressed and the kids were dressed. Veronica was crying because she didn’t want to go to school and she didn’t like her lunch. Danielle was just sitting there watching all of the craziness.

Well Hubster asked Danielle to go get her shoes. She quickly got up and went to the shoe closet, and walked out carrying two shoes. Two of DADDY’S shoes!! We all just cracked up laughing! Daddy has really big feet and those two shoes put together they are just about the same size as Danielle.

What was so funny, was that she was so serious about those being her shoes. As soon as we all laughed she went back and got her shoes. She must have felt the tension in the room and found a way to break it up.

I have the feeling that little Danielle is going to be my clown, my kid that cures everything with laughter! Veronica on the other hand cures everything with kind words and hugs.

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