He must hate me….

that is the only way I can explain his actions! Let me explain.

Friday was movie night for Hubster and I. I had 3 new movies from netflix, we had our instant que from netflix…we weren’t going to be lacking for movie options.

Well hubster comes into the room and says “I’m picking the movie”. I got excited! He NEVER picks the movie. What does my loving, wonderful husband pick for us to watch on our first movie date in weeks?? Deuce Bigalow:Male Gigolo

Ok first off let me say that no I had never seen it, I had no desire to see! He said I needed a laugh and he wanted to make sure I laughed. I never laughed! 🙂 I sat through the whole movie wondering “Why did my husband watch this movie”. He’s very picky about the movies he watches.

He did remind me that I could now cross something off my blog list. So I now only have to watch 4 movies that I never said I would watch. So interwebz..I tortured myself and took one for the blog. Hubster on the other hand owes me another movie date!

The fish were pretty to look at though.

2 thoughts on “He must hate me….

  1. I made you step outside of your comfort zone. Just because something made you uncomfortable doesn’t mean your not loved. In fact its quite the opposite. You forget that God put me on this earth to be your chaos 🙂

  2. No it’s not a great movie, but it is a stupid funny one. If I remember right it’s about a nerd trying to be cool.Starting off at the bottom of the barrel , trying to work his way to the top. Just like anything you do in real life. I think Rex knew you had a bad week and trying to make you feel better. First he chose the movie ( a first), then he tried to make you laugh.From my experience if the wifey doesn’t like it or complains about it it’s a long time before I try to do some like that again. So gave him so credit. 🙂

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