Joy and Frustration

Joy~ Well with today being the first day of school this joy is going to be a little boring and also surprising. My first joy is that all my kids made it to school today and they all made it home. You really can’t ask for more then that on that first day.

My second joy for the day was our family dinner. We are a family that always has dinner together. We sit at the table, we pray and we talk about our day. Well today it was just different. Danielle talked more, she even told us who she played with at school. Veronica was happy and helpful. It just lifted my spirits after the tiring day I had today. I just wanted to sit back and let the dinner last forever.

Frustration~ Well with the first day of school there are always glitches. We had our fair share of them today. However I don’t feel right complaining about them because those are things that no one can really control. So if I have to have a frustration, it’s going to be that I wore shoes that I knew I shouldn’t have today. Veronica even reminded me that I made her promise to never let me wear those shoes to school again. I didn’t listen, and I’m paying for that decision today.

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