Time for a list update!

With all the different directions this blog has taken, I haven’t forgotten the whole reason it was created. The list! I still work on it, and even hear family members say..”oh yes that’s on the list, let’s do it”. So I feel it’s helping everyone around me (in some fashion or another).

So here is an update on everything we can cross off after this summer!

#12~ Get a facial. I did this yesterday and it was wonderful. I’m already planning my TRIPS back to the spa. Hubster agreed to have a couples one for our anniversary, and said he would do anything I planned. Should I book the back waxing and not tell him? 🙂

#13~ Start a photo album of sunset pictures. I have a great slideshow started of sunse pictures. I am trying to find a way to load it onto here. It’s so pretty and the song is so perfect.

#27~ Update my wardrobe. With the start of school and a shopping spree my closet is looking awesome.

#28~ organize my itunes! That one didn’t take as long as I thought it would. I have it organized into my moods and now there is more room on my iphone.

#29 ~ Have massages with my mom. We did this yesterday too. It was wonderful.

#47~ Plan an RPG party for my husband. Well I did it and he enjoyed it, though I don’t think there was much RPGing going on. It was a boys weekend and I’m still trying to talk him into blogging about it for us.

#72~ Do a big craft project with V. Well you guys got to see the pictures of the headboard we made.

#75~ Take my girls to the Children’s museum. Remember this awesome post? 🙂

Well 8 things crossed off in 2 1/2 months isn’t that bad. Some of these things took my out of my comfort zone. Some made me just stop and take time for things that I always put off. I have to say I see lots of improvement going on here and it feels great. Though I still have a LONG way to go.

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