Making new friends.

I am retelling a story the hubster told me, so here’s hoping I get it right.

As Hubster was walking out of the Daycare that our 2 year old Danielle attends the owner of the school stopped him and told him this little story.

“We have a pretty big 4 year old boy at our school was has started playing a little game. He likes to tap the little kids and watch them fall over. He always helps them back up, but he laughs when they fall. Well he came up to your daughter, pushed her and she wobbled but didn’t fall down. So Danielle cocked her head to the side, threw her hips at him and knocked him down. The little boy started laughing! He got up and started dancing around Danielle singing “She don’t fall down”. The two played together for the rest of the day like they were the bestest of friends.”

Well I guess everyone has to make friends in their own way. I guess as long as no one got hurt, and Danielle showed the little boy who was boss. At least I know my little girl isn’t going to be pushed around by boys in her life. 🙂

She might be smiling...but don't try to push her around!

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