A fun little craft.

Well with the new school year comes new school supplies…so then the question comes up what to do with the old supplies. Teachers are not known for being people who throw things away. So I decided to being my box of crayons home for the girls to use.

Of course no one likes a boring crayons, so we made flower crayons.

A mix-match pile of crayons.
One by one we took the wrappers off the crayons.
That's a lot of wrappers.
Then we randomly put the crayon pieces into the flower shaped baking pan I have.
We put them in the oven and the pieces started to melt.
They're all starting to melt now.
A beautiful liquid crayon soup.
After cooling for an hour the "crayons" pop out ready to be used.
Veronica said "Mommy these are the most awesome crayons..they write in EVERY color!"
Crayons so awesome that we did a second batch, but this time organizing the colors to just have different tints of the same color.

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