Some Amazing Blogs!

When I open the tabs of all the blogs I read…I open 29 tabs. I read most of them every two or 3 days…well I wanted to share some of the amazing ones with you guys, so here goes.

First my spoiler website. I know who the Bachelor and Bachelorette are going to pick before the show even airs. I still watch the show, but it’s fun to me to see if it all turns out the way it’s supposed to.

Second is Cakewrecks it’s funny to see all the messed up cakes that people try to sell. While I am no professional baker by any means, some of these people might need to be finding other types of jobs.

Baby Rabies is a very funny blog about a Texas mom who is raising her son and pregnant with a girl. She keeps everything real and you can’t help but read and her post and wonder if she is talking about your own life.

Kelle Hampton has photography skills that just amaze me. She also has a six month old who has down syndrome and she blogs very openly about how that has changed her life.

There is this blog that I just recently go into. She’s pretty open about her life (all parts of her life). I’m not sure of her whole story, but she will make anyone laugh.

Last is a woman who gave birth to her son, but he died before she could take him home. She has since adopted a son. Her love for her family and her son just shine from her blog. I go to her blog when I’m feeling down, her personality just emits so much from her blog.

So if you are bored and looking for new adventures on the internet…feel free to look up these ladies. Most of these bloggers are mommies, because I tend to flock to mommy websites. I helps to know that you aren’t the only one who is experiencing things.

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