Meteor Showers

Well what a wild last two days. Thursday night we loaded up and went to hang out with most of the other science teachers from my school to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. We sat by the fire, roasted hot dogs and just watched the stars. The kids were swimming in their pool shining lights at the sky. It was a wonderful evening and great to get out with friends and family.

We did see some meteors. Only about 5 though, because the real show wasn’t supposed to start until 11:30 and when you have kids with a 7:00 bedtime, the barely made it to 10:00.

I enjoyed that time just looking up at the stars and was actually a little sad that I don’t have a working telescope. I know I can’t look at stars where I live right now, but I won’t live in the city forever.

Friday we went on a wild shopping spree. We were shopping for school clothes and school supplies. We started our journey at 9:00 and got home at 7:00. The girls got a lot of cute things. I noticed when I had everything laying out on the table so we could look at it, it was a mound of pink! My pile was all pink too. 🙂

So now it’s Saturday and I’m working on next week’s menu and grocery list, cleaning house. We all have appointments to get our hair cut this afternoon. So I’m looking forward to that.

As far as tomorrow goes…well I’m thinking about a few things and I’ll keep you guys posted.

They say you can still see them, and that around midnight is the best time.

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