Joy and Frustration

Joy Well this week I a few joys so I’m going to list them. First is that my classroom is almost 100% done and ready for the new school year. Second is that this week my girls have all been off doing different things so I get the week by myself. My Third joy is that husband’s job has gone back to normal so he’s getting off work at 4:00 in the afternoon, and this Friday we get to go do our back to school shopping.

Frustration I’m having to think real hard for my frustration this week, I don’t want to make my normal ones you know…laundry and sleep. Otherwise I can’t think of anything to be frustrated about.

So here’s to a week with more then one joy and no frustration in sight.

OK so I’m editing this post because I have had a frustration pop up. It’s not a major one, just that I have watched ALL 5 seasons of Weeds on netflix and now I’m hunting a new show to get hooked on. So let the searching begin!

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