Time to celebrate??

I am the type of person that likes to celebrate EVERYTHING! On Pi day my girls and I made pies. On May the 4th I shared nerdy jokes with my friends in honor of May the Fourth be with you. On National Ice Cream Day I would have been making all different kinds of homemade ice cream with my girls, if I could have found a working ice cream maker.

So imagine my excitement when I see a news headline that say “Weird August Holidays”.

This is not what I was looking for:

Aug 5th- Work like a Dog Day (isn’t that every day?)
Aug 6th – Wiggle Your Toes Day (umm even I don’t plan that much)
Aug 7th- National Mustard Day (sorry not going to celebrate…not a fan of mustard)
Aug 8th- Sneak Some Zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day (everyone keep an eye out on your neighbors)
Aug 10th- Lazy Day (I’m putting that one on my calendar)
Aug 10th- National S’Mores Day (S’Mores are good, but I think flaming marshmallows are better)
Aug 13th- Blame Someone Else Day (I’m always up for this)
Aug 15th- Relaxation Day (another one for my calendar)
Aug 16th – National Tell A Joke Day (Veronica will LOVE this day)
Aug 18th – Bad Poetry Day (this makes me think of jr. high kids writing about their crushes)
Aug 22nd – National Tooth Fairy Day (hey he couldn’t let Santa have all the fun)
Aug 23rd- Ride the Wind Day (First thing that came to mind about this holiday was the fart jokes my aunt mary would tell)
Aug 24th – Vesuvius Day (do you think the folks at Pompeii would be upset we were celebrating this day?)
Aug 25th- Kiss and Make up Day (everyone loves a good make up kiss)
Aug 27th – Just Because Day (Do it just because it’s just because day)
Aug 31st – National Trail Mix Day (Happy Trails to You)

That’s not even all of the holidays they have listed.

Now I can understand Ice Cream Day, Sandwich Day, stuff like that…but wiggle your toes day? How does someone go about making a crazy pointless holiday? What makes something deserve a holiday? Are we trying to hard to be Political correct that we are giving everything a holiday so nothing gets it’s feelings hurt?

Now one thing that I will be celebrating is the Perseid Meteor Shower that comes everyone August. This year it will peak between August 12 and August 13th.

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