Updates on a busy week.

Well I know I have been sort of missing in action this week, yes you guys have been getting posts, but those are the usual things. I haven’t been able to post because my house guest has kept me up till all hours of the night watching netflix. We go between seasons of Weeds and seasons of True Blood. I’m not sure which one I like better, one is more light and airy while the other one is dark and sinister. Either way I have been enjoying myself with Holley in the evenings.

Tomorrow is the hubster’s last Friday off of the summer and I have to be at work for it. At least he will get to spend the day with Veronica.

Wow when I started this post I had 4 different ideas of an awesome post….and now I’m just drawing a blank. However there you have it in a nutshell, going to bed around midnight watching Good crappy t.v., science work during the day, and mommy and wife stuff in the evenings.

I’m just a barrel of excitement! I promise my blogs will get better after a good night’s sleep!

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