Joy and Frustration

Joy This weeks joy would have to be that we are getting to spend all week with our good family friend Holley. She was my daughter Veronica’s first teacher when she went to daycare at the young age of 6 months, and has been our family friend ever since. She’s watching Veronica while I go to my science workshops this and the whole family is getting to enjoy her company

Frustration I am still on my summer sleeping schedule and going to bed around 12:00-1:00. I have to get up at 6:00 a.m., so that makes for a very long day. I’m hoping I can change my bedtime before school starts in 3 weeks.

Joy Another joy for this week is after a month…yep I said a month of my oven not working, they are finally just going to get me a new one. I have been asking them to do that since this whole problem started, but they told me since we had gas ovens it was more difficult. So tomorrow morning I should have a new oven.

Veronica enjoying a mocktail

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