The life of a busy mom!

Well we are rocking through the first week of school! The routine has come back easily and we’re busy but we are having fun.

We are a family that likes to be involved. Church, UiL, choir, American Heritage Girls, the list goes on and on.

just a normal week around here!

just a normal week around here!

So sometimes things go undone. Sometimes I’m playing on my phone in front of my kids, it’s my 2 minutes of down time. I was very happy to see this article pop up on my news feed. There are many things out there to make moms feel guilty about how they are raising their children. Those perfect pinterest moms that are crafting goddesses. Those homeschool moms that can teach their kids algebra and have a perfectly clean house. Those crunchy moms that make their own butter and baby wipes.

I can’t do any of those things, but I can give my kids life experiences and busy and full childhoods that they will always remember.

We stay busy because I’m happiest when we are, and you know “happy wife, happy life”. :) Hubster has his things he’s involved in, I have mine and we have ours as a family. We just never stop.

So this one part of the article came at the exact time that I needed it:

. As long as you’re doing your best to make it all work for your family, you’re doing just fine, and that’s what matters.


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Ugh, Mornings!!

A few years ago I saw a blog where a woman had hired a professional photographer to come in and take pictures of her mornings. You know when the whole family is rushing to get ready and get out the door. I couldn’t fathom doing that.

I mean first of all there is the huge cases of “I don’t want to get out of bed”. The girls sometimes will cling to anything or anyone to get to stay under the covers.


There is the daunting task of having to make breakfast for 4 girls, timing the grits with the eggs, getting the fried egg order just right, and sometimes surprising them to pancakes.


And we won’t even talk about making lunches for two picky girls. The one who won’t eat sandwiches and the one that has to see exactly what’s in there before she will put it in her backpack. You know little sister starts crying when she feels left out.


Of course when trying to figure out what to wear on these Texas mornings you sometimes have to check the weather.


Sometimes we wake up grumpy……sometimes we let her sleep.


But mornings have cereal


mornings have coffee


mornings have good bye hugs for big sisters


mornings have family


Mornings won’t always involve tears from a hair brush, hunting down shoes, or watching the time tick away while waiting for girls to get ready. One day mornings will be quiet and calm and boring.

For now I will enjoy waking up in beautiful chaos of my mornings and if it gets too much to handle, I’ll just put on another pot of coffee for the kids!



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Dear Summer 2014,

Last summer I wrote you this little message…

You brought many laughs and good memories. Summer, you were short but life was happening so fast around me that I never really had to stop and worry. Thank you for a great vacation! Tomorrow I will start my 6th year of teaching 5th Grade science, I’ll have all new teaching partners and a brand new (sorta) school. I’m excited this year! Oh and Summer 2014- I hope have been paying attention because you have a lot to live up to!!!

Ok so you listened, and you listened big!!

We started out with a trip to the beach. We dodged rain clouds, but had a great time visiting the rain forest and the rain forest cafe.


Then we had 3 weeks of learning. Learning about Jesus at VBS, Learning about inventions at Camp Inventions and learning about God at church camp.

singing at VBS

singing at VBS

Johnny 5 is alive

Johnny 5 is alive

July was packed with swimming, field trips, shopping, trips to visit family and more swimming.



the view in the backseat for most of our traveling.

the view in the backseat for most of our traveling.

Then we ended it with a bang with the whole fam damily cruise. The cruise was a magical adventure full of memories. We snorkeled, saw with dolphins, kissed sting rays, dressed up fancy and played with snowmen. Here are just a few pictures from our week at sea.


So happy for hubster and getting to see a dream of his come true!

So happy for hubster and getting to see a dream of his come true!

Formal night

Formal night

Snowman Selfie

Snowman Selfie

Awesome waitstaff

Awesome waitstaff

We traveled every where with a snowman working to make his dreams of summer come true. It was fun for the kids and those people that saw us doing it. He became another member of the family. Olaf, I hope you enjoyed your summer!!

Summer 2015- You have my permission to SLOW DOWN!!! You will bring me a jr. high student and I’m just not ready for that! I have small plans for you so take it easy on me ok? :)


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Spending some time on the green while sailing the blue.






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Jillian’s Day!

One thing we were able to do on the cruise, thanks to the family, was have an only child day with each girl. That meant they had their parents all to themselves to with as they pleased.

So how did Jillian chose to spend her day?



Playing restaurant…


We had lunch together and then had nap. It was a very calm day while all the other people on the boat were playing in Jamaica. My little freckles liked not having to share her mom and dad.


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Wordless Wednesday- Cruising Edition




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You know that movie that came out last winter? The one involving all things cold? Well as soon as summer ends (sadly it’s almost over), I’m going to show you the fun Olaf had.

I was so committed to this blog post that I walked around the cruise ship like this!


The kids on the boat loved it! My girls would get asked about Olaf and we would explain that he was experiencing summer.

To make this work I bought another Teeny Tiny Olaf. He took over for big Olaf when it was a tough job. Jillian loved holding Teeny Tiny as we called him.


Having Olaf added another little element to the cruise and I’m hoping it helped make it very memorable for the girls.


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I spent a week in the Carribbean and all I burnt were my ass checks!!

As you know we took a cruise. We had a wonderful time. I’m going to post about it…but in segments here is #1.

I am a pretty pale person. I have been sunburnt a lot in my life, one time so bad it resulted in 1 inch high blisters on my shoulders. So spending a week out in the ocean I took extra good care of myself. I didn’t want to spend time on the ship suffering from sun sickness.

I covered myself in sunblock every day SPF 100, and every time I went out in the sun. I wore a sunhat, both to protect myself and to keep me from getting a lecture from Aunt Mary.

Even the girls were good about getting their sun block. Jillian would come up to me and say “Momma protect my freckles”.

Sure our cheeks would get a little red after all day in the sun, but it never truly burned. I have to say that my whole family came away from the cruise pretty safe. Except the one thing I missed……


When we got on the boat to go snorkeling I was all ready. I was lathered up in SPF and I had made my own shade with my hat.


Having never been snorkeling before I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t prepared to have to jump ship to swim with the fishes.

I prepared for everything, except snorkeling with a wedgie! While I was swimming through the water enjoying the coral reef, the sun beamed down on the palest part of my body, (that should have been covered) and spanked me.




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